24 Hours in Los Angeles

Booking travel proves to be a challenge from time to time.  Being from a small city, the number of airlines and flights available are limited, sometimes forcing long layovers on route to the destination.  Travelers may see this as a burden.  For me, this is an opportunity to discover new places.

California has been on my ‘must see’ list since The O.C. debuted in 2003.  Having luck on my side, long layovers in Los Angeles allowed me to get a taste of the Golden State.  Exploring infamous areas of the coastline leaves me longing for another visit.  Until then, I share with you my top recommended experiences in Los Angeles.

Venice Beach

Just stepped off of a flight, hungry for food and fresh air?  Hop in a taxi and tour 15 minutes to Venice Beach.  This neighborhood is lively with an impressive array of characters who frequent the pubs and the pier.  Recharge your taste buds with a plate of tasty guacamole and an over-sized margarita at Cabo Cantina.  The energetic staff are inviting to guests who are between flights, even with luggage in tow!

Time to head back to the airport for your connecting flight?  Call an Uber and have them meet you by the Venice Fishing Pier.  Only a four minute walk from Cabo Cantina, stroll down to the beach and catch the ocean breeze before being confined within an aircraft.  Warning: the seagulls may use you as a target!

In-N-Out Burger

If you’re like me, airplane food doesn’t satisfy your appetite. Flying to a destination usually means my tummy is rumbling for some ‘real food’ upon landing.  Other bloggers rave about In-N-Out Burger during their travels in America, therefore I had to try it.  And you do too!  This is not your typical fast food restaurant – the food is fresh and the menu is simple.  Be warned that the lines are long but worth the wait.

The closest In-N-Out Burger location to LAX is just a 13 minute Uber ride away.  Perfect for those of you with shorter connections of three to four hours.

Manhattan Beach

Does your flight require an overnight connection?  Check into a hotel neighboring the airport for easy access to Manhattan Beach.  Hop on the Ocean Express, a shuttle that connects guests to downtown Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas.  It’s not for general public use and has limited stops – a quicker commute than typical public transportation.

This area is bustling with locals and visitors alike, dipping their toes in the ocean and dining at trendy restaurants.  Seek comfort and eat like a local at Lemonade – a modern marketplace serving a seasonal spread, both delicious and nutritious.  The salty ocean air may leave you wanting to indulge your sweet tooth. The Manhattan Beach Creamery serves house-made creams and is home to the original artisan ice cream sandwich.  They are open late and there’s a reason the line is out the door!

California sunsets

There’s something to be said about those California sunsets – they’ll take your breath away.  Before the night ends and you pack up for the next leg of your trip, be sure to wander down to the beach and revel in the neon sky.  Grab your camera to capture this unforgettable sight – no filter required!

Have you stopped over in Los Angeles?  If so, let me know your suggestions of what to see and do in the comments below!

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